Look before you delete

December 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

With all of the photographs we tend to take with our digital cameras/phones, its tempting to just choose a few "keepers" and then ignore or delete the remainder. I use Adobe Lightroom's star rating system, and usually pretty quickly delete those that get "no stars," which are often out of focus, repetitious of other photos, or have other insurmountable problems. I then focus on the 4's and 5's and ignore the remainder, with the temptation to delete the 1's and 2's at some point. BEFORE YOU DO THIS, go back through the 1's and especially the 2's and see if you're missing something. Don't do this immediately after the initial ratings; waiting six months, or year or more, before looking at the photographs afresh. 

I started working on a self-published book on my Cuba trip of two years ago and realized, after looking at the 4's and 5's that I was missing the full story of my trip. So I expanded the search to the 2's and 3's and was surprised at what I found this time around.  Sure, most deserved to remain "in storage." But a fair number, especially with some adjustments in Lightroom became 4's!  

So whether you are looking for photos to illustrate a trip or a person or an event in the past, don't forget to recheck some of the "backup" photos; you may be pleasantly surprised!  And some of the surprise may be a result of changes in your "vision" of what a good photo is.  

The original on the left; the new (greatly increased exposure among other changes) on the right.  I like the stark look versus the silhouette. But to each there own!  


Janine Jansen and Feeling the Music

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You may think music is a bit off topic, but I think anything that moves you can inspire other artistic endeavors. I just finished watching an excellent documentary on the violinist Janine Jansen.  The first five minutes or so, as she is on stage preparing for her part of the Beethoven Violin Concerto is extraordinary as she gets totally into the spirit of the sounds of the orchestra. And the rest of the movie is equally enthralling as she plays, performs, travels, markets, and all of the other aspects of the artistic life.  Perhaps our lives as photographers are not quite the same as Janine's, but inspiration can come from all kinds of places and people and art forms.  


Spirit Meets Spirit

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"Spirit Meets Spirit." A composite image created from two other images - the Stonehenge Veteran's Memorial along the Columbia River, and the Pacific Ocean from the Neahkahnie Mountain overlook (Oregon).   

2018 Ghost Ranch Calendar

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I've been fortunate enough to have one of my photographs selected for inclusion in the 2018 Ghost Ranch calendar.  My photo, Varied Skies, is "November." You can purchase the calendar directly from Ghost Ranch: https://www.ghostranch.org/product/ghost-ranch-2018-photo-contest-13-month-calendar/

PhotoPlus Winners 2017

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An interesting selection of photographs by both professionals and amateurs. Always interesting so see what is currently popular amongst juries at major photo competitions. You should always remember that whether or not your images do well in a competition is really tied to what the jurist(s) view as meeting the aesthetic criteria of a given competition. Oh, by the way, it's also tied to how good your image is to begin with!