Chuck Kirchner | Photography: Culture, Ritual, and Spirit | Testimonials

The following are verbatim comments from students submitted anonymously at the end of the workshops.


"Many thanks for the individual help you gave me!"

"Good learning a new/renewed hobby or interest."

"It was fun and I learned a lot."

"I enjoyed that the class was not just the actual photography but discussions about the preparation and post processing of the photos."

"Thanks for a great photo experience."

"Organization, expertise of the instructor, relaxed and safe environment, good cohesive group of participants."

"What did I enjoy most? The parts I dreaded most - the actual picture taking ... and the analysis of the pictures. There really is a lot to be said about getting out of one's comfort zone."

"Chuck is very personable and really knows his photography and how to share it."


"Very good critiques."

"Chuck's knowledge base is incredible and yet he makes it easy to understand."

"Anything outstanding? Organization, preparation, and creative exercises, and excellent critiquing."

"Love Chuck's knowledge and love of photography."

"What did I enjoy most? Practical and relevant information, great handouts, great assignments, great feedback."

"I appreciate the depth of preparation, the rigor, and the list of resources."

"What was the best thing? The casual interaction and exchange of information."

"Was there anything outstanding? (He) used examples that make the lessons truly understandable; had us bring in our work and illustrate the lessons using these."


"What did I enjoy most? Small group, easy to understand, clarity."

"Good basics and helped me to get over the intimidation factor of a complex camera."

"What did I enjoy most? Small size, lots of individual time for questions. Very, very informative."

"A great deal of useful and interesting information was presented. It was an excellent introduction to digital photography."

"I enjoyed the calm pace of the workshop. I enjoyed the interactive aspect too, as you answered all students questions. You are very experienced and it was a pleasure to learn from you."

"What did I enjoy most? Chuck! Super nice guy; very laid back; eager to help."

"It was a good environment to learn with others."


 "Well organized, covering key areas."

"Recommend to anyone who wants to make a digital book"


"Chuck's people skills, teaching ability, photographic expertise and humanness are a gift to participants."

"His style is very experiential and filled with common sense."

"(The workshop was) a great chance to grow photographically from the technical to the imaginative."


"This is such a well organized workshop covering a lot of material in a short amount of time, yet staying in touch with student needs."

"Thank you for combining your love of photography with patient teaching!"

"You have a very supportive teaching style that given such great suggestions as well as helps the student learn to see and hear more from their photographs."