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Thin Places and Photo Creativity Workshop - Spring 2018

March 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

A Thin Place: A place to go to feel at peace, a place to be in touch with one’s origins, a place to go to feel one's natural self, a place to be in touch with one's soul.  It’s a place where the veil between heaven and earth, between the sacred and profane, between our creator and ourselves, is lifted and we connect in an intimate way with the universe. We have all, I hope, felt this once or several or many times in our lives. It could be alone at the ocean, or in the desert, the mountains, or even a cathedral. And, just perhaps, is could be while with another who is in a similar state of seeking - seeking what we may not know but with an openness and experience and seek and commune with our higher power.

So how does this relate to a photography workshop you might ask? Through a series of readings, meditative exercises, solo and small group wanderings (camera in hand), we'll be open to experiences of all our senses and begin to intuitively develop the awareness of translating feelings and experiences with the medium of photography.  In this workshop to be held at Neahkahnie Beach (Manzanita), Oregon, we will spend time along the ocean shore, and in the forest primeval.  We explore the creative potential of photography to record our feelings and experiences in ways you have not have thought about before.  There will be several critique sessions and time for individual one-on-one meetings. Plus some music and meditation. Included will be field trips to Mount Neahkahnie, several locales along the coast, such as Nehalem Bay State Park, Cannon Beach (and the famous Haystack Rock), and/or Sunset Beach. We’ll also visit the Lightbox Gallery (an amazing photography gallery) in Astoria (40 miles north of Manzanita) and see some of the historic sites of this seafaring town at the mouth of the Columbia River.  

The workshop, Thin Places and Photo Creativity, is next planned for the Spring of 2018.  Click on the "Thin Places" tab above for more information, or contact me at chuck (at) to be put on the mailing list. And please contact me if you have any questions!



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