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Selective Color

February 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

While I'm not much for drastic manipulation of photographs, I do see an occasional use for highlighting a particular aspect of a photograph in Lightroom. I can't do this in-camera, but when composing this street photo in Seattle's Pioneer Square, I knew that the young woman's hair color was the focal point in my vision. With the multitude of chairs (all a bright yellow) and with no easy way to remove all clutter in the background, I was determined to compose the photograph as tightly as made sense (it is an environmental street portrait, after all). And then in Lightroom, I desaturated all of the color channels except red and magenta. And this is the result. Fashion shot? Environmental portrait? Street photo?  All of these? I'm happy regardless. 

And the next time you're "confronted with" an image where your subject, while not dominating the image size-wise, nonetheless needs to pop. Well, here's an option.


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