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Selecting Your Best Photos

January 13, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

John Paul Caponigro, a fine art photographer, has an interesting blog post on his site concerning a disciplined practice of annually selecting your best shot, our second best shot, and your top dozen shots and ascertaining why they are your best and how they differ from one another and why they differ. Its one wy of seeing how your artistry grows (hopefully) or changes at least over time and gives you insights as to what your artistic vision really is.  In this digital era, we (or at least I) create many more photographs than will ever see the light of day.  Only a relative few will make it to your website, Instagram site, Facebook posting. And fewer still will be printed in any format.  So getting down to the best and sharing those is really important for you, as the photographer, and those you wish to share them with.  And, just maybe, the process will enlighten your photo vision for the coming year!


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