Vacation Photography 101

August 28, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

And now, an announcement of my new Vacation Photography website:

While there are a number of Travel Photography websites out there, they are mainly geared toward 24/7 photography. This is not always conducive when traveling with family or friends. For the rest of us who want to create good, or even great, photographs while "on vacation," there's a balancing act between the photographic endeavors and spending quality time with spouse, partner, children, grandchildren, and/or friends. Thus, this guide to "Vacation Photography," or "Travel Photography for the Rest of Us!" In the nine chapters on my new website , we'll be examining the role of photography during your travels:

  • Documenting the trip,
  • Documenting your presence (and those of your traveling companions), and
  • Creating the Icon shot.

Chuck it out when you have the chance and feel free (feel ENCOURAGED) to share it with friends or family who may be interested. 



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