How to Change the Intent of a Photograph

June 30, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Several years ago, in Cusco, Peru, I attended various Holy Week (Semana Santa) parades. They were generally solemn and colorful processions, accompanied by brass bands. Various governmental or church groups marched in matching attire. I recently went back through those photos and started to re-imagine (or re-vision) the images. In the case of this photo, I slid the brightness slider far to the right, intentionally washing out the photo. My intention was then to restore some of the image by moving the slider back to the left, but slowly.  When I reached this point, the subject, at least in my vision, changed from a human procession to an automaton march. All in perfect sync and marching into the unknown. No, this was not the original intent when I created the photo in Cusco; nor certainly the intent of the marchers. BUT, it is an interesting vision image when put in an entirely different context.



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